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Quality paints and accessories for automotive & marine.
Celebrating 80 Years In Business

GPI products

Include Sunmight, Dominion, Automask, fibreglass evercoat, masking films, Sata, Gerson, Devilbiss, Bostik, Mould prep, Iwata, Star, GPI air tools, Loy tapes, Sundstrom, Unic, & more 

Mirotone Products

Mirotone designs, develops, manufactures and markets a comprehensive range of surface coatings to protect and beautify wood, paper, metal and other specialty substrates 

D.N.A Genetically Modified Paints

Accelerator Additive™ to accelerate and speed up the drying time of paint. Anti-Crater Additive™ Eliminates craters made by silicone or oil and provides a ‘no-slip’ effect, increases the film tension and gloss! Anti-Silicone Additive™ FleX™ Used to soften paint to make them more flexible and to allow the painted surface to bend without cracking the surface and absorbs (reduces the incidence of) stone chips from gravel and road grime. Suitable for any Polyurethane 2K paint.

Sikkens products

Primers can make a surprisingly big difference to paintshop productivity. By providing an optimum surface, BT Varicolor Primers can reduce the amount of topcoat needed. Tinted primers make damage to a vehicle’s topcoat, e.g. stone chips, less noticeable. Our range includes Commercial Vehicles, sikkens yachtpaints ,sikkens joinery & decorative coatings & akzo nobel coatings 


Dedicated to manufacturing and selling very high quality automotive refinish products including a comprehensive range of bodyfillers, coatings, aerosols, adhesives, tools and ancillaries.

KBS Products

Use KBS RustSeal as a primer for any metal surface.. Repair automobile fenders, bumpers, and frames. Restore floorboards, trunk areas, engine compartments, and rocker panels. Waterproof insulation or wood. Refinish trailers, farm equipment, snow plows, tools, and machinery. Use KBS RustSeal to bond wood or styrofoam. Renovate metal roofs, wrought iron furniture, and ornamental railings. Renew storage tanks, bridges, boats, and docks. Seal and waterproof concrete garage floors. Prevent rust on lawnmower decks and to keep grass from sticking and clumping

POR 15®

Rust Preventive Paint stops rust and corrosion permanently. It is unlike any other paint coating you have used before. It's surface tolerant characteristics means it loves corroded and porous surfaces like rust, corroded aluminium, sandblasted surfaces, fibreglass and even concrete. It will seal them with with a ceramic like, rock hard finish that won't crack, chip or peel. 

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